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Times Tales
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 Step 2: Let's Get the Lower
Tables Out of the Way and
Move Onto the Fun Stuff!

Step 3: The Fun Times Table!
Assuming you've just completed Step 1 also know as the "drop jaw" step, I can only assume you're NOW convinced that the most difficult to memorize
times tables, can actually be turned into the easiest to
memorize multiplication tables....all it takes is a little right-brain-imaginative thinking and those
math facts have settled into your child's memory for good.  

During this fun and effective math learning system, your child no longer believes there's any such thing as "hard" times tables.... With this way of learning,
ALL the multiplication tables are fast and easy!! The student will take the unknown journey into their right-brain and explore where no other math has
dared to go. And with a little basic knowledge about how multiplication works, coupled with the most superior
memorization tool, your child will
successfully complete ALL their multiplication tables stress-free and with ease. Once they've conquered the multiplication mountain, they can move onto
bigger and greater
math journeys, like division, Algebra and Calculus- well, maybe not for a few years.
         Step 1: Seeing is
Changing your
child's mind that the times
tables can actually be fun
and easy!
A Math Journey into the Right Brain!
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Learn Times Tables Fast!
Times Tales Free Trial Video
See how it works!!
Memorizing the upper times tables can be easy with just a little imagination and a few
goofy stories that make those
math facts STICK for good. The perfect solution for any
child that just can't seem to conquer those upper, most difficult to learn
times tables.
Follow these 3 easy steps to make learning the entire times tables easy and fun!
It's not "multiplication magic", but it's pretty darn close!
If you've come to this page, you're probably having a "multiplication emergency" and are in
desperate need for your child to learn the times tables fast! And most likely the times tables your child is
struggling with, are those pesky upper tables. You might have already tried tricks like
Multiplication Rap
or silly  songs  but discovered those math facts were nowhere to be found in your child's memory, a few
short days later. If you're at the end of your rope and you've tried every
trick you know to get your child to
memorize their times tables, you're probably thinking there's no magical solution, and your child might  
finally "get" their multiplication tables, after maybe repeating them a couple hundred more times. But I'm
here to tell you,
there is an easy solution!

Incorporating Times Tales to help your child to memorize the upper times tables will make teaching
multiplication a breeze. And since this is an all inclusive times tables website, and I don't want  those
lower times tables to feel left out, I've included a few other online resources that might help with any child
still struggling with the lower multiplication tables. And don't forget, the Times Tales program
provide all the printables you'll
ever need for those upper times tables.    

Skeptical? Sounds too good to be true? According to several
Times Tales amazon reviews, words such
as "
Brilliant", "Amazing" and "Genius" flood the review section like a megaphone shouting from the roof
tops from grateful parents,
"IT REALLY WORKS!! My kids finally learned their times tables fast"  These
parents couldn't believe it either, until they watched those pesky, hard to remember times tables finally
take hold and stick in their child's just a minimal amount of time!!